How to Get Digital Menu for Restaurants and Hotels

Are you thinking about availing of a digital menu service for your restaurants? That’s a very good idea as it is the current trend now and this is the right time to take advantage of this service. Especially in this unlock phase of the COVID pandemic, this service is getting wide popularity.

HTSM technologies have strong base in software development and here we provide a complete set of digital menu service that includes design, storage, updating, printing, and mobile marketing at very affordable cost from the market. In short, you can call it a menu management service.

HTSM Technologies has experienced professionals who efficiently develop digital menu service that offers many extra benefits besides their significance to this present pandemic situation. It is a user-friendly approach, easily adaptable, and cost-effective. This service offers the perfect option to follow during COVID-19 guidelines.

Why Digital Menu Card?

This digital menu QR solution can be upgraded to enable multiple services such as online food ordering facility, online food delivery service and so on. Their offered customized CRM solutions allows you to track the special requests of the customers. Due to this world-wide pandemic, most of the people are opting for home-delivery services via ordering food through online.

If you would like to take your restaurant service online and want to get online food orders then you may share this digital menu QR Code and take order from your customer. Customers don’t need to install a whole new application in their mobile for ordering food online. Digital menu service can be used as a basic mobile pos. it makes a great choice to combat this present situation.

Why should Hotel and Restaurants opt for a digital menu QR Code?

A digital menu offers a digital screen where the menus of restaurants are shown on a screen. It shows regular items, special dishes, and prices in a visually appealing manner. Let’s have a look at the benefits of opting for digital menu service

Saves much time

Showing a wide range of menu options, changing price rates, and special promotional items, all these can easily be managed in a few minutes with this digital menu service. There is no need to update the menu manually from time to time for every change. This digital menu can save much of your time.

Cost-effective system

Yes, this digital menu service is a cost-effective option. It does not require much investment. You just need to pay an initial amount only, and this will allow you to save a substantial amount of money in the long run. If you update your menu, you don’t need to print new menu cards. You don’t have to pay charges to the artist for re-doing it, and thus, you can eliminate all those extra spending.

Enhance visual appeal

It is needless to say that a digital menu is visually appealing and also easy to read. It does a great job of gaining the attention of the customers at once. In fact, you can do the branding of your business through this digital menu service.


 The Digital menu offers great flexibility to businesses. You can change the design and pattern as per the newest trend. You can add your special menus. If you would like to offer festive discount offers and holiday flair, you can do it instantly. You can make the changes in a straightforward manner without availing anybody’s help.

Therefore, if you would like to avail all these advantages of digital menu service, contact Hitechqr.

FAQ Related to Restaurant or Hotel QR Code

What is the cost of restaurant qr code menu?

It is totally free for three month time slot and after three month you need to upgrade your package as per own choice.

Is it mandatory to upgrade my account after three month?

No! It is not required. Totally depended on your own choice.

What are the packages of Paid Account?

Here 3 month free and then have to choose package, if conflicting with front website , we have given always free with 5 menu limitation , one small price package of rs. 99 per month with 21 menu limitation , 199 per month package have unlimited menu permission For more discount Call our help desk.

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