How QR Code Scanner Can Benefits Your Restaurants

People are scared today, they’re afraid of going out, you know what the reason is, The Government of India has refused to take immediate lock down yet because this is not good for poor people who are depending upon daily wages.

As you are in a restaurant business, so you also need to take proper precautions for COVID, and contact less service is the right option for you and your business.

QR codes can be used with many possible new ideas in restaurant businesses. A contact less QR digital menu is one of the most effective ways for using QR codes in restaurants. Making a contact less QR digital menu using many types of QR codes will help you engage with your customers in a more efficient manner.

Hitech QR is the most comprehensive platform for offering contact less QR code digital menus. We help restaurants, hotels, and hospitality businesses to develop high-quality QR code-protected digital menus at a very low and affordable budget. Contact Hitech QR for more details.

Where Can I Place Contactless QR Digital Menu in My Restaurant?

You can place your contact less QR code protected digital menu in many places –

  • You can place your contact less QR digital menu at the entrance of your restaurant.
  • You can place your contact less QR code digital menu on the dining tables of your restaurant.
  • You can set your contact less QR code digital menu at the order counter of your restaurant.
  • You can place a contact less QR code digital menu on every window display of your restaurant.  

Benefits of Using Contact less QR Code Digital Menus –

There are countless benefits of using touch less QR code digital menus in the restaurant businesses and necessarily not easy to explain all the benefits in a single talk.

The most apparent and basic advantages include –

  • Safety – in the increasing scenario of viruses and pandemics in the world, it becomes crucial to maintain contactless transactions. Digital QR menus limit the physical touches and decrease the risk of virus transmission. Therefore, your customers, as well as your employees, remain safe and healthy.
  • Cost-effective – by using contactless digital QR menus you can save a lot of paper cost and operational cost.
  • Availability – your QR digital menus never go out of stock. You will have your menus always ready. 
  • Editable and reusable – QR code digital menus are flexible and easy to edit. You can change your menu whenever you want without generating a new QR code.
  • No app required – for seeing your menu, your customers don’t need to download an app.

How Do Contact less QR Digital Menus Work?

Contactless QR digital menus work in simple following steps –

  1. Create your contactless QR digital menu.
  2. Place the QR code at several places in your restaurant premises like counters, tables, etc.
  3. Smartphone users point their scanning camera on the QR code until a pop-up notification occurs.
  4. Taping on the notification pop-up opens the digital menu in the image or PDF format.

What Features Are Required for A Good Quality Contact less QR Digital Menu?

When it comes to contact less QR digital menu, creating a good quality using cutting-edge technology is essential. Your contact less QR digital menu system must have following features.

  1. Multiple languages options – your contact less QR digital menu should have multiple language options with a single QR code. This facility will give your customers to communicate in their preferred language. Hence, you’ll get more engagements. 
  2. Age-restricted menus ¬– you can restrict your drink menus to the legal age groups to comply with the law and order. Your system should have the capability to collect the user’s date of birth as per requirements.
  3. Image to pdf converter – you should have the facility to convert your image menu into a pdf menu. Whenever you require a pdf menu, and you don’t have one, you just take a picture of your print menu and your system will convert it into a pdf menu automatically. 
  4. Changing menu without creating new code – you don’t need to generate a new QR code every time whenever you change your menu. You can simply edit your QR code and reuse it for updating your existing menu. 
  5. Separate menu for day and night – you can create different menus using a single dynamic QR code. You should have the facility to switch among different menus seamlessly.

Hitech QR offers a one-stop solution for both, offering QR codes as well as designing the digital menu. You don’t need to look for QR code generators and digital menu designers separately.

For setting up a contactless QR digital menu, we offer the most advanced cutting-edge technology-driven platform at the guaranteed lowest price.

Have more questions? Ask our team. 

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