Benefits of QR codes for online menus in your restaurant

After their lockdown closure in March, hospitality industry has suffered the most among all the industries. But they are now back with delivering their favourite dining experience with social distancing and touchless format with added safety. To proide some useful value addition by making the life easy of the restaurant owners team HTSM has launched contact less menu generation through qr code.
As we know QR Code Food Menu provides a contact less ordering & payment solution for your guests and staff so, hotels and restaurants can open faster, earn additional revenue, and keep guests safe from surfaces potentially carrying COVDI19.

Benefits of QR Code Digital Menus for your Restaurants

Manage your Time

Timing may be a key think about restaurant service operation. Typically, the waiters spend most of their time registering the orders. During rush hours, customers need to await waiters for a extended time. so, using QR codes in your restaurant you can reduce this huge step.
Customers simply got to use their mobile devices to order. Waiters now only serve the food. It makes your restaurant operate faster and smoother.

Ease of Usage

QR Code Digital Menus are well-designed and super easy to use. Just like other websites or applications, customers got to check the visuals on their devices to form a choice. After scanning the code they get the digital menu with all the dish info and ingredients. It is a very less time taking process to filter the menu, order, and make a payment as all the operations are being managed in a single place.
Owners can easily found out new menus and have multiple menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It takes minutes to update the digital menu, as you don’t face printing challenges.

Menu Analytics

Using QR Code Digital Menus you can get a detailed idea of your customers’ preference and menu engagement. Most viewed dishes will become top priorities in your analytics list that helps you to optimize your menu items. Customers will tend to go away more reviews as now they need an beat one place online platform

More Sales and Revenue

QR Code Digital Menus let customers be happy and spend longer choosing a dish. Having menu stats restaurant owners can set dishes with high ratings on the highest of every section. This increases the share of sales.
QR Code Digital Menus also increase the revenue without putting any extra money. Many restaurants use differing types of advertising to market specials and events. Most of the Digital Menus provide promotion opportunities included in commission

Digital Promotions

Digital promotions takes a very important part to boost any business. Most of the restaurant owners use various social media chanels like- Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram ads to attaract more customers. Having digital menus in your restaurant you’ll place a billboard of any event or specials inside your menu.
As you’ve got the stats now you’ll learn your audience better. this may let to plan and run targeted promotions.
These are just some of the mention worthy benefits of QR Code Digital Menus. The enjoy the 1-month long free trial pack contact us now

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