Why HitechQR is the best for offering a QR code menu in India?

Hitech QR is a child of HTSM Technologies, and it is one of the leading and reliable software development company in Kolkata. The best thing about HTSM is that it has got some of the leading professionals in software development, and they have years of expertise in working on different projects.

The professional developers from HTSM have worked delicately to create Hitech QR and thus have become one of the leading names in offering the QR digital menu in the industry. The professionals have created HitechQR considering different factors like user-friendly, updated software versions, and a lot more.

Advantage to choose HitechQR for restaurant QR codes?

  • Easy to access customers and payment Mod – Since QR codes are the quick-serve option for restaurants, takeout food delivery, and kiosks, it has been opted by most of the restaurants and food delivery centers. If you have started selling food online, receiving food orders, and accepting mobile payment, then implementing this QR code is the best option right now. You can display your restaurant menu online. Not only this, customers can use this code for making online payments. There is no need to download a separate mobile application.
  • It is 100% affordable from Market – As HitechQR is the home based project of Htsm technology so we are able to offer this digital menu at affordable cost from the market.
  • Free Demo Account for testing – HitechQR provide free demo account for testing purpose. So restaurant or Hotel Owner may test this QR menu free of cost for one month period.
  • The HitechQR codes are integrated with POS systems and restaurant point of sale systems. The guests can use it on their mobile phones for ordering food online, receiving card payments, mobile ordering, and so on.
  • Today’s mobile devices have built-in-QR code scanner making it easy to scan QR codes and ordering food online. The HitechQR code offers a unique ordering platform that allows self-ordering for restaurants and retailers and enables online mobile payments. It has been integrated with POS software and restaurant POS.

The business owners can initiate direct promotion of their restaurants seamlessly via this HitechQR code ordering system. It is basically a cloud-based solution that allows easy customize option and manage online menu efficiently. The restaurant owner can list on many marketplaces but can manage the orders via one management software.

Why use QR codes in restaurants?

QR codes are said to be the advanced form of bar codes that can be scanned easily by smartphones. They are very easy to create and occupy a limited space.

  1. Easy to link to unlimited content

You can easily encode URLs into QR codes, and thus, it can display an unlimited amount of content. Not only this, you can link to various useful information about your restaurants such as discount offers, a new dish which has recently been launched in your restaurant and so on.

You can also link your QR codes to other engaging information like anecdotes and quizzes that guests can check out while waiting for their meals.

  • Display multimedia content

Multimedia is said to be one of the most engaging platforms for customers. It is easy to link QR codes to various multimedia contents such as online videos, image galleries, documents and audio files, etc. For example, you can upload the recipe videos of the dishes that are offered in your restaurants.

  • Easy to update information at anytime

The information in the QR code can easily be updated at any time. You just need to make a few changes in the URL settings; the information will be updated easily. For example, you can change a video link that has already been encoded in the QR code. However, it should be noted here that QR design will always remain the same, which means you don’t need to spend enough amount of money in its repainting cost. 

  • QR codes are completely damaged resistant

With QR codes, it is easy to resist damage. Even if your QR code is a ton a bit and worn out, it still can be scanned rightly.

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