Different types and features of QR code scanner

There’re many types of QR codes available in the market –

QR code model 1 and 2

These types of QR codes we see in most cases of our daily life. These types of QR codes are used for diverse personal and business purposes. Many different types of QR codes might be created with these models. Some types of QR codes that could be made with these models include – vCard QR code, image gallery QR code, pdf QR code, URL QR code to name a few.

  • Model 1 is the basic version QR code. The largest version of this model is 14 (73 x 73 modules), with the highest storing capacity up to 1,167 numerals.
  • Model 2 QR code is an improved version of model 1 and the largest version of this model is 40 (177 x 177 modules) with the highest storing capacity up to 7,089 numerals.

Micro QR code

This is a popular QR code type mostly found in products’ packets. Detection pattern is only one orientation, therefore, printing can be done in a very smaller space. Typically, a QR code needs at least 4 module-worth margins. But this micro QR code could be viable even if the margins are only 2 module-worth. The largest version of the micro QR code is M4 (17 x 17 modules) with the highest storing capacity up to 35 numerals.

iQR code

This is a special type of QR code that could be made with rectangular modules as well as square ones. This type of QR code could be printed as a black and white inversion code or dot pattern code (case of direct part marking) or as a turned-over code. Theoretically, the largest version of iQR code is 61 (422 x 422 modules) with the highest storing capacity of up to 40,000 numerals. 

SQRC code

SQRC code is generated for confidential purposes and mostly used for the management of businesses’ internal and secret information. This QR code looks the same as regular QR codes but has a reading restriction function. SQRC code can help you store your company’s private information. 

Frame QR code

Frame QR code is a type of QR code that has a frame or canvas area. This canvas area can be used in many possible ways such as inserting images, letters, etc. Frame QR codes can be used for a variety of purposes like authenticity checking, promotion, and many more.

HCC2D code

HCC2D code refers to High Capacity Colored 2-Dimensional code. This is still in the development phase. Researchers are working on HCC2D to improve QR robustness and protect its distortions. This code has a special feature named “Color Palette Pattern” that increases data density and can protect color distortions.

HCC2D QR Code Variations –

Besides these QR code types based on features, there’re various types of QR codes based on the area and purpose of the use. Some types include –

  • Website QR code – mainly used for driving more traffic to websites with coupon codes, tutorials, product information, etc.
  • vCard QR code – helps to create downloadable personal information in a secured manner.
  • Pdf QR code – especially focused on generating secured documents related to business, education, instructional information, etc.
  • Restaurant QR code – typically used for creating restaurant menus and engage customers more efficiently.
  • Image gallery QR code – helps to create a visually appealing image gallery in a safe manner.
  • Text QR code – plain text QR codes are widely used in retail stores, educational institutes, and real estate businesses.
  • Event QR code – make your event more attractive and safe with this type of QR code. Can be used for food festivals, meetings, conferences, among others.
  • Message QR code – ensures more safety in your SMS, Whatsapp, and Messenger platforms.
  • Wi-Fi QR code – this QR code allows you to connect with your Wi–Fi without asking password and name.
  • Reusable dynamic QR code – popular for recurring campaign building.
  • Location QR code – helps to navigate locations using Google maps.
  • Social media QR code – very useful to attract customers to a targeted social media page.
  • App download QR code – especially used in Application promotion.
  • Video QR code – encourage prospective customers to engage with videos like product descriptions, reviews, tutorials, and more.
  • Coupon QR code – very useful for delivering offers and special deals.
  • Feedback and rating QR code – helps to create social proof and attract more customers.
  • Payment QR code – pay your bills through multiple online payment options more safely. Viable in Google pay, Phone pay, Paytm, Bhim UPI, and more.
  • meCard QR code – similar to vCard but more exclusive in safety.

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